RenterRenter.com was developed by landlords in the Phoenix Area. As small business people we needed an affordable, effective way to advertise to our tenants where they will be reached. Since we own rental homes and smaller "boutique" apartment communities, we realized that a lot of people don't want to live in large apartment complexes, so they need a place to find properties like ours and so many landlords that are like us out there.

Before RenterRenter.com the online advertising primarily consisted of corporate RenterRenter websites and an ad list (.org). The corporate RenterRenter websites catered to large apartment complexes. In the ad list we had to repost every couple of days and be one of a couple of thousand ads during a simple search. Making the connection was like a needle in a haystack. RenterRenter.com gives tenants a great and easy place to find rental homes and apartments in smaller communities in areas where they want to live. It gives landlords a place to advertise their great properties so tenants can find them.

RenterRenter.com uses highly evolved technology, search engines and Servers to ensure your advertising is found on top. As landlords we know how important tenants are to our business. We hope both tenants and landlords enjoy using RenterRenter.com. May it be a successful connection for us all.

To a successful connection
The RenterRenter.com Team